Revamping Blog and Website

Final Collection HGDrake Final Collection HGDrake

There is going to be fabulous and wonderful things which will be happening here at HGDrake HQ!

There shall be a schedule of blog posts starting soon, posts will be (well) posted every Tuesday and Thursday with a delightful range of hot topics from How I Style my DIY all the way to pattern cutting book reviews, something for everyone.

Plus tones of new things to look forward to, which I cannot yet share with you all.

For now above please have a gander at some photographs from my graduating portfolio and final collection!


Hannah x


Long time no type…

It has been a while since I have posted on here due to the amount of crazy stress throughout the 3 year so far!
It’s just getting started!
As a result of this I thought I would update you on my progress so far for my Pre-FMP Collection.

Sneak Peek

Digital PrintI do not want to give too much away as currently still working my behind off to finish what I need to achieve before heading back after Christmas. I hope you like what you see so far, let me know in the comments below.

Lingerie Experiments…

I have dabbled in corsetry and now that I have finished university for this year, over the summer I wanted to experiment with a different field of design, so I chose lingerie! It’s mainly thanks to my friend Camille really… She loves lingerie. She got me thinking that I would like to try to have ago.

Firstly, I looked on Amazon to try to find a pattern cutting book and maybe a book which helps with construction, I stumbled across this book below. ( And yes another one added to my library! ) I briefly read some reviews and brought it!

Lingerie Trail 6 Lingerie Trail 5The instructions seamed rather simple and they were but the measurements are a lot more precise than some garment pattern cutting which is understandable and great practice!

Lingerie Trail 1 Lingerie Trail 4To draft the pattern it took me no time at all, the instructions were very easy to follow and clear I didn’t have to read the information over and over again to understand unlike some other pattern drafting books. Alongside the instructions were computer illustrated illustrations which were a live saver; in some areas due to some terminology used, nothing complicated but just areas which I wasn’t sure on. However, when it can to construction I solely relied on what I have learnt from university but in doing this some areas are not as they should be, combined with not the correct materials as well but the purpose of this it gain an understanding to then take it further if I wished.

Lingerie Trail 3This is the bra at the current stage. I shall be posting more photographs as I come to finishing it so please stay tuned!

Any lingerie makers and designers please comment with your tips. I would be very greatful.


Competition Entry…

I came across a new website recently where they sell printed goods, like scarfs and phone accessories called and it’s UK based. I flicked through the gallery and their products, I totally fell in love. All of the prints are amazing. I started to read a little bit more into the company and I noticed they hold competitions so I thought why not! I applied and as I type I just got notified that my design is ready to be voted on, so PLEASE VOTE for me! 🙂

NYC Final Print

{ My final design inspired by New York City }

Please VOTE for my design, it would be a lot! Thank you!

Personal Library…

I have to admit I love a good book. Not to read but to study from and learn. So I wanted to share with you my collection, 51 of them and counting! ( Don’t worry I am not going to show you all, only my favorites!) When I research into a new project I tend to purchase books about that project and when I don’t find anything or it’s only quick research I tend to go to the library at university. (The best art library ever!)

Book Collection

I have organised my books into different categories which cater to my needs. Top Left, Small Miscellaneous – Top Middle, Fashion Designer Atlas’ – Top Right, Pattern Cutting and Construction books. Bottom Left, Art, History, Graphic Design & Photography – Bottom Middle, Fashion Illustration & Textiles – Small Fashion Miscellaneous


ArtBook 1

Art, The Definitive Visual Guide by Andrew Graham-Dixon.
My mum brought me this book when I was studying Art in A level and it has been an amazing help ever since! The best bit I love about this book is that it has little interesting facts of what the artist did to gain attention to specific things within the painting or historic controversal referencing.


FashionColBooks 1

Basics Fashion Design & Basics Fashion Management by Compilation
These books are so amazing, insightful and inspirational all in one. (Or many!) Each one is written by an industry professional which has worked in the related areas which is allows you to gain information first hand. Another reason why I love these books so much is that they have case studies and interviews on other industry professionals and existing companies which you can relate to as a reader.


PatternBooks 1

Pattern Magic by Tomoko Nakamichi & Drape Drape by Hisako Sato
When it comes to construction and pattern cutting I am a little behind compared to some of my fellow class mates so I took it upon myself to learn varying techniques of pattern cutting and construction. This is when I stumbled across these books; they are inspirational beyond belief! However I am yet to try out one of the patterns yet, even if I never do they are great books to look at.

I hope you have enjoyed my mini over view of my collection of books. Please feel free to ask any questions and if you wanted a more in depth review on any you see!

Great British Sewing Bee Review…

Great British Bake Off has taken a more of a fabric twist with a new programme called Great British Sewing Bee it aired yesterday on BBC. The concept is simple, 8 contestants are given 3 challenges in which test them on a variety of skills shape, size and fit, also fabric handle, sewing techniques and finishing. Each round gets more intense and at the end 2 people leave each week.

I found the concept of the programme intriguing and hopefully insightful. I knew the style of the show was going to be more towards the style of 30s-50s which is lovely as I love this style.

Bare in mind I have only watched the first episode and this is my personal opinion I’ll start with the positive. I hope the show bring backs the want and willingness to make our clothes and the want to customise our clothes instead of confiding the mass market. Also, as I am relatively new sewing I found it interesting how people can interpret a pattern so differently and how differently the contestants custom fit a garment to a models body.

For the first round the contestants are given a shop brought pattern for an a line skirt and 3 hours to make it, if they had the time they can customise it. I feel that this is good and bad because as the first round it was to gauge people’s skills as well as to show the public what can be adapted a simple pattern. However, I was little disappointed that the contestants don’t create their own pattern to fully engage creativity. Also there isn’t much a diversity of style for example, there is a contestant which creates steam punk outfits and yet he is making a princess seamed dress? Maybe there is more to come?

Final rating: 3/5 hoping the creativity gets better!

Are we getting bored of Street Style?

Having stumbled across this documentary about Street Style…

TAKE MY PICTURE from GARAGE Magazine on Vimeo.

It brought to my attention how some industry people view Street Style, not just positive from what I have previously heard from my tutors and the media. This different view has reinstated my own thoughts and conjures new thoughts onto as to wonder, where is Street Style going to develop? Will it develop and how fast? This there a new need for a similar outlet for individuals to release their own creativity? The film is very insightful for fashion students, gives a brief history of Street Style from the point of view living at the moment, to different sides and influences of Street Style.

I found may things within the various of interviews interesting with people normally found in front and behind the camera from probably the most iconic Street Styler / Blogger Style Bubble, Susie Lau, Journalist, Tim Banks and Photographer, Tommy Ton. The main quote that stood out for me, ‘I feel that anyone dressing with the intension to be photographed, will not get photographed by the right people’ then the counter argument of ‘That’s rather elitist, I mean, who are the right people?’ and the mention of ‘Peacocking’ as the quote describes, where people dress to get photographed. With both of these things in mind it got me thinking of how the rawness of Street Style has been lost, where is the reality of style?

In a situation of a style reporter, which needs to a dress how people are dressing and adapting style, if people are dressing just to impress them by wearing something this isn’t true to who they are and true to what is relevant. Then how can that information be delegated into something true for the public? And that defeats the whole objects of Street Style. To me that is devastating to think that people’s ego is getting in the way of a true representation of creativity and freedom. This relationship with Street Styler and the photographer, currently, is almost always silent but always on a mutual level, they always want to reach the same goal.

Answering my own question, how is Street Style going to develop? I predict that Street Style is always going to now be a part of the fashion industry and it is not going to go away anytime soon but it will develop into something that is not the main focus. My gut feeling is that Street Style, the ever growing social media as well as fashion film is some how going to collide, don’t ask me how! It is just a gut feeling, social media and Street Style is currently already alive and I feel that fashion film is going to be huge within the next 1-2 years anyway, someone is going to combine all three.

In conclusion, I totally recommend you watch this film and think about how you think Street Style is going to develop? If you have any predictions please write in the comments. Thank you for reading. Hope this helps!