How many..?

I knew I had a few pattern pieces but with them infront of me and spread out… And that’s not including the lining layer! :O

No matter how many there are I am still loving and enjoying what I am doing… Of course there are times when I just want to through it across the room but it’ll all be worth it in the end! 🙂


Trial Run

Before I started working on my final garment I wanted to make a quick small sample section in my final fabric. I wanted to do this to understand how my fabric works and such… Here are a couple of pictures after my little experiment! 🙂

{ 1- straight on, 2- Close up of CF/Bust, 3- Details, 4- Boning Middle Layer }

Overall I am really please how the fabric flows, my only main concern is point along the bustline ( 2&3 ) simply because it’s not a pointed as I wanted but the fabric I used for the lining shall be different. ( Did not have enough of the final fabric to experiment with ).


I wanted to share with you my current up to date CV and my cover letters 🙂 (Not just for my deadline! :/)

Cover Letter – AllSaints
Cover Letter – Mary Katrantzou

I am generally really pleased how they came out because they are interesting to look at and memorable but not for the wrong reasons.

Thoughts on Placement… I am so looking forward to this, really want to get my teeth into something and learn so many new things in a working environment. Of course, when you start something new nerves have a lovely habit of kicking in. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I shall hopefully use those nerves to my best advantage! 🙂

Origami Dress…

Flicking through the internet, on YouTube to be more specific and I came across this dress that someone was making… The end result just blew me away!

{ Shame it’s not showing, but click the link please! }

The video isn’t a tutorial it’s more of a progressive, ‘this is my work’ sort of video. At the very beginning of the video you see a model wearing a toiled dress and scribbles of a faint outline of what they are designing… progressively the video shows how they construct it… right at the end you can see close-ups of the final dress on a model.

I think I find the design so fascinating through the depth and complexity on such a simple shape.

New Shape…

One of the other things we discussed at my toile review was to maybe incorporates the patterns already made on my corset onto the skirt so it flows really well together; rather than two separate pieces. Here is what I came up with…!

I am over the moon how this turned out, like, so much! 🙂 I am really loving how even though they are not matching up 100% they still flow together. My new design really reflects my theme, butterflies and moths, much more than my previous design. By looking at the image below, the body is the main focus, then the wing pattern slowly expands away from the center point. That same effect is what my new design demonstrates… the center pont being the long line starting from the center of the bust all the way down to bottom of the skirt. If you observant ones haven’t already noticed, I have extended the corset so the corset and the skirt match together better very pleased with my new length too. Off to pattern cut my skirt up now!