Twirl in a Toile…

A quick update of my progress so far for the manifesto
project of my chosen design!

Firstly, my corset initial layout of my design process… Inspired from our corset workshop several weeks ago!

{Top/Front – Bottom/Back} {Please note that the skirt is sitting on the hips of this mannequin but my design is around the waist. This is because the mannequin I am using her does not have the proper measurements as my model has}

My development from my first to second toile of my skirt. With my first design I felt that the hemline at the front was too short so I produced my own ‘toile review’ as myself as the model. This allowed me to realise my instincts was correct, it was too short. Therefore I increased the hemline by 3-4cm. As well as this I discovered that the point at the back was hidden by the legs so I moved it too just off the center front.

{Top/Front 1st Toile – Middle/Front 2nd Toile – Bottom/Side 2nd Toile}

Although my first toile of my corset I forgot not to add seam allowance on some of the edges I felt like the overall design works very well. However, (demonstrated by the middle and bottom images) the sides beside the arms are too flimsy I added an extra panel for stability.

I am starting on my 3rd Toile for my corset currently due to the hem on the bottom of the corset does not overlap when the skirt and corset are together. Also, I think there maybe too much exposed breast on the top so adding only 1cm there. Finally the two new panels added under the arm need to be taken in slightly and lowered to allow the arms to fall by the models side comfortably.


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