What Size Am I…?

In a morning haze searching through the internet I came across an article on Yahoo News about women sizing in a range of shops on the high street; using an online guild to help you called What Size Am I.

We all know the age-old problem of trawling through the shops thinking you are a size 8 then suddenly realising, in the changing rooms, that lovely floral dress in doesn’t even get past your hips. Well this site aims to help you figure out which shop better fits your shape. You simply enter your measurements it then tells you what shop fits you best in what size within 3 categories Top, Skirt & Dress.

Make sure to check it out! CLICK HERE

Please comment your findings. Is it right or is it wrong? What do you think about this site?


One thought on “What Size Am I…?

  1. Excellent tool, according to the industry and not changes of my body I’ve gone from size 10 to 8 to 6 and from petite to midget, really nice people those size deciders, not.

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