When In Amsterdam…

…Stare at the amazing buildings they had, towering over you like beautiful elegant giants. If nothing else I took away from this trip was those houses, stunning truly.

I have to admit Amsterdam was never really a place on my list to visit… It was on the list of places that you need to see, yes, but I am so glad I went. The place is truly amazing. Myself and my friends just found ourselves wandering the streets looking at all of the amazing fashion stores and the little cafes’ for a bite to eat. We felt on top of the world!

One of the trips we were taken on was a trip to see a fashion magazine called Jan. My initial thoughts where just ‘okay, no biggy’ but after talking to a couple of the ladies there (sorry cannot remember names) it was a great insite as to what really goes into a magazine. What makes this magazine so different is that they make their own photoshoots from a collection of their own freelance photographers as well as their turn of the season piece where they showcase childrens fashion.

One word of warning though travelling in Amsterdam… Be careful of bikes!


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