Vivienne Westwood does Jubilee Collection…

We all know Vivienne Westwood’s consistent homage to Britain always frequent through collages of the Union Jack and crowns. It does not stop there she has launched a new range entitled, Red Carpet Capsule Collection celebration the Queens Dimond Jubilee. The collection is launched in store a couple of weeks before the weeks celebrations begin 2-5 June.

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces from the collection. See more of the collection here.



Today we FINALLY finished and handed in our garments with our sketchbook, pattern pieces and other items! Words honestly cannot describe the relief when I signed my name on the dotted line… Happiness is one word at the moment. Overall I really enjoyed this project all the challenges I faced and to my shock I handed in before the time too! ( Of course with some added last minute sewing and eyeletting before! 🙂 )

Me being me I am not 100% happy with the final construction of the garment and if I am really honest… I am not at all looking forward to tomorrow our final review… we shall see! But the way I am going to look at it is this… I have never made a full outfit or a single item for that matter in my ‘fashion lifetime’… admittedly I could have chosen an easier design but nope, I didn’t and this is what I produced in the time I had and with the knowledge I have so far gained.