My Little Black Book is more important to me than my Little Black Dress, Why? Very simple really, my LBB is a true reflection of my thoughts, feelings and style… I gain inspiration from pictures I see in Tumblr or Magazines, even if someone walks past me and has a lovely t-shirt or skirt on I pop it into my book. Also I use my book to help me practice my free hand drawing, as I feel I’m a little rusty!


Etsy me Up…

I adore Etsy for the wonderful reason the whole website covers a variety of people’s work from jewelry to vintage clothes, the list is endless. I first used Etsy as a brilliant gift buying ‘tool’ or get little quirky things for myself and my home but now I use it as a base for my new business.

Here are some small pictures of my current items for sale on my Etsy.

Currently I am making and selling jewelry however I want to one day transform my shop into selling my own clothing designs preferably designed with argentine tango in mind! I have researched into different designers throughout Etsy and online in general and I feel like I need to add my own stamp into the world of Tango dresses.