London Fashion Week #1…

I love when Fashion Week is on because so many new and wonderful creations to fill your imagination!

Here are highlights from my favorite designers.

Erdem, a new designer to myself, what stood out to me were those stunning prints. I am not typically a lover prints but these just blew me away. The colour combination, the pattern, the placement all of these elements make a sweet treat for the eyes. What I really do like from this is that they have layered two very different patterns on top of another (floral and geometric) and made it work through placement and colour.

Mary Katrantzou, has done it again! Every season she delivers and spring/summer 2013 is not one to hide from. Inspiration from postage stamps and money the unique patterns create a flattering flow across the body. The main use of black and white create for a strong and bold print which is what I love. Read the original post about Mary Katrantzou HERE

Matthew Williamson, a genius in my eyes. I seriously need that blazer in my collection! The bleeding effect, which you can sometimes get from running ink, is beautiful and is by far my favorite collection and piece this London Fashion Week. Mixed in with this is a stunning picturesque photograph of a mountain and grassland, again, bleeding into the rest of the garment.

Disclaimer:Photographs taken from and only used for demonstrasion purposes


Hola Senorita…

I’d thought I’d kick off blogging again to get back into the swing of things, before I am back to university, and share with you my trip to Spain (Catalonia, to be specific!) While I was there I visited a town called Figueres, which also happens to be the birthplace of Salvador Dali (bit of luck there!) and took many great photographs for inspiration for the possible future.

{ Unknown to myself Dali made many fine pieces of jewelry as well as his paintings, Are they not beautiful? }

{ A small selection of my favorite pieces }

{ Interestingly I found two items of clothing he had designed! }

Generally the museum was amazing, beautiful and very inspiring! If you happen to visit close to this area it is definitely worth a visit.

To leave you a little bit of a fact, the museum was designed by Dali with no tour guides this was for you to take and understand what you’d see from his artwork, therefore every visitor will have their own unique experience.