Yellowism, just a likeness for yellow..?

Video HERE

The defacing of Mark Rothko’s Black on Maroon 1969, at the Tate Modern, earlier on this week left me thinking, why? What is the point of it? What are they trying to say?

In further research I found that the writing, marked in black paint, said ‘Vladimir Umanets ’12, A Potential Piece of Yellowism’. Not understanding the meaning of Yellowism I discovered THIS website and it states, ‘Yellowism is not art, it is not anti-art’. Vladimir Umanets is the co-founder of the Yellowism movement within fine art.

My interpretation of Yellowism is you believe it is ‘worthy’ of the title of yellowism then it is yellowism, it is up to you to determine the point of yellowism. Also I found that as they believe that there is an internal link between the colour yellow that to display their work they paint the gallery walls purple. (complementary colours)