TR Pattern Cutting Demonstration…

Yesterday started off like another day, arrive in university at normal time however, as I walked past the notice board to saw the name TR Pattern Cutting by Shingo Sato… I reconised the name then thought nothing of it, carried on with my day.

Came back after lunch and there was a gentleman, smiling away at the front of our class I presumed it was Mr Sato, I was correct. As he started his demonstration I suddenly remembered… Origami dress! I wrote a blog post last year about it and his techniques.

His lecture was amazing, totally inspiring! Blew my mind away… He demonstrated simple techiques but have an amazing impact.


Designer Pudsey…

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Last night all of the designer bear collection where auctioned off rasing a total of £150 000 for Children in Need. The high bear sold for was an impressive £24 000 it was Giles Deacon’s Swarovski crystal-encrusted bear, second was Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs at £20 000.

At there are some pictures of how their Pudsey bear was made, great if you want a sneak peek at the behind the sceens!

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