Great British Sewing Bee Review…

Great British Bake Off has taken a more of a fabric twist with a new programme called Great British Sewing Bee it aired yesterday on BBC. The concept is simple, 8 contestants are given 3 challenges in which test them on a variety of skills shape, size and fit, also fabric handle, sewing techniques and finishing. Each round gets more intense and at the end 2 people leave each week.

I found the concept of the programme intriguing and hopefully insightful. I knew the style of the show was going to be more towards the style of 30s-50s which is lovely as I love this style.

Bare in mind I have only watched the first episode and this is my personal opinion I’ll start with the positive. I hope the show bring backs the want and willingness to make our clothes and the want to customise our clothes instead of confiding the mass market. Also, as I am relatively new sewing I found it interesting how people can interpret a pattern so differently and how differently the contestants custom fit a garment to a models body.

For the first round the contestants are given a shop brought pattern for an a line skirt and 3 hours to make it, if they had the time they can customise it. I feel that this is good and bad because as the first round it was to gauge people’s skills as well as to show the public what can be adapted a simple pattern. However, I was little disappointed that the contestants don’t create their own pattern to fully engage creativity. Also there isn’t much a diversity of style for example, there is a contestant which creates steam punk outfits and yet he is making a princess seamed dress? Maybe there is more to come?

Final rating: 3/5 hoping the creativity gets better!