Personal Library…

I have to admit I love a good book. Not to read but to study from and learn. So I wanted to share with you my collection, 51 of them and counting! ( Don’t worry I am not going to show you all, only my favorites!) When I research into a new project I tend to purchase books about that project and when I don’t find anything or it’s only quick research I tend to go to the library at university. (The best art library ever!)

Book Collection

I have organised my books into different categories which cater to my needs. Top Left, Small Miscellaneous – Top Middle, Fashion Designer Atlas’ – Top Right, Pattern Cutting and Construction books. Bottom Left, Art, History, Graphic Design & Photography – Bottom Middle, Fashion Illustration & Textiles – Small Fashion Miscellaneous


ArtBook 1

Art, The Definitive Visual Guide by Andrew Graham-Dixon.
My mum brought me this book when I was studying Art in A level and it has been an amazing help ever since! The best bit I love about this book is that it has little interesting facts of what the artist did to gain attention to specific things within the painting or historic controversal referencing.


FashionColBooks 1

Basics Fashion Design & Basics Fashion Management by Compilation
These books are so amazing, insightful and inspirational all in one. (Or many!) Each one is written by an industry professional which has worked in the related areas which is allows you to gain information first hand. Another reason why I love these books so much is that they have case studies and interviews on other industry professionals and existing companies which you can relate to as a reader.


PatternBooks 1

Pattern Magic by Tomoko Nakamichi & Drape Drape by Hisako Sato
When it comes to construction and pattern cutting I am a little behind compared to some of my fellow class mates so I took it upon myself to learn varying techniques of pattern cutting and construction. This is when I stumbled across these books; they are inspirational beyond belief! However I am yet to try out one of the patterns yet, even if I never do they are great books to look at.

I hope you have enjoyed my mini over view of my collection of books. Please feel free to ask any questions and if you wanted a more in depth review on any you see!