Are we getting bored of Street Style?

Having stumbled across this documentary about Street Style…

TAKE MY PICTURE from GARAGE Magazine on Vimeo.

It brought to my attention how some industry people view Street Style, not just positive from what I have previously heard from my tutors and the media. This different view has reinstated my own thoughts and conjures new thoughts onto as to wonder, where is Street Style going to develop? Will it develop and how fast? This there a new need for a similar outlet for individuals to release their own creativity? The film is very insightful for fashion students, gives a brief history of Street Style from the point of view living at the moment, to different sides and influences of Street Style.

I found may things within the various of interviews interesting with people normally found in front and behind the camera from probably the most iconic Street Styler / Blogger Style Bubble, Susie Lau, Journalist, Tim Banks and Photographer, Tommy Ton. The main quote that stood out for me, ‘I feel that anyone dressing with the intension to be photographed, will not get photographed by the right people’ then the counter argument of ‘That’s rather elitist, I mean, who are the right people?’ and the mention of ‘Peacocking’ as the quote describes, where people dress to get photographed. With both of these things in mind it got me thinking of how the rawness of Street Style has been lost, where is the reality of style?

In a situation of a style reporter, which needs to a dress how people are dressing and adapting style, if people are dressing just to impress them by wearing something this isn’t true to who they are and true to what is relevant. Then how can that information be delegated into something true for the public? And that defeats the whole objects of Street Style. To me that is devastating to think that people’s ego is getting in the way of a true representation of creativity and freedom. This relationship with Street Styler and the photographer, currently, is almost always silent but always on a mutual level, they always want to reach the same goal.

Answering my own question, how is Street Style going to develop? I predict that Street Style is always going to now be a part of the fashion industry and it is not going to go away anytime soon but it will develop into something that is not the main focus. My gut feeling is that Street Style, the ever growing social media as well as fashion film is some how going to collide, don’t ask me how! It is just a gut feeling, social media and Street Style is currently already alive and I feel that fashion film is going to be huge within the next 1-2 years anyway, someone is going to combine all three.

In conclusion, I totally recommend you watch this film and think about how you think Street Style is going to develop? If you have any predictions please write in the comments. Thank you for reading. Hope this helps!