Head to Toe…

I am coming very close to the end of my final project in 2nd year and I wanted to share with you what I am currently doing…

If you have not guessed it yet my main influence for my 6 piece collection is Anatomy, bones, muscles and skin… I have always found the human body very interesting and complex therefore I explored the forgotten and often taken for granted ourselves.

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{ Above – Prints }

Design 3 Design 2 Design 1

{ Above – Inital design ideas with print }


London Fashion Week A/W 2013-14

I have not yet seen the complete time table for LFW taking place Friday Februrary 15th until Tuesday February 19th it is set to be the best and exciting yet!  { L’Wren Scott A/W 2012 Collection }

L’Wren Scott joins the schedule for the first time, meanwhile the relative newcomer Moschino Cheap & Chic remains as well as Preen.I really wish to see the rest ofthe line up so if anyone finds it please let myself know in the comments! Thank you!

Slow Fashion the New Black…?

Our high streets are unfortunately dying due to the increasingly longing of the recession with on average more than 30 shops have closed everyday between July and August 2012. The recession is set to increase but on a much slower pace the government recently announced. What is fashion the future for fashion? Some say, is there a future? Due to the amount of ever growing online retailers.

Thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel. Us. With the airing of the Dispatches investigation, in November 2010, into the treatment, working conditions and poor pay of many overseas manufacturing companies in order for retailers to produce ‘fast fashion’. As a result of mass production the quality of the garments can get lost resulting in more items to be returned or into our landfills. This created a chain effect to the consumers making them more aware of how the fashion industry.

Due to that China is ever developing and demanding the cost of manufacturing is increasingly more expensive retailers are having to seek in different countries for example Turkey and Bangladesh. Therefore now is a perfect time to change in the way we manufacture our garments.

‘Slow fashion’ is being referred to as more than just a craze but more of a movement; to counter balance our busy lives. ‘Slow fashion’ is joining forces of ‘Eco’, ‘ethical’, and ‘green’ in one movement, originally founded by Kate Fletcher from Centre for Sustainable Fashion, it is to encourage to slow down the process and production to refine the finer details and to ensure quality is far better than quantity.

If you are inspired by this article and need to find out more details please head over to this website. It has a lot more in depth knowledge of ‘slow fashion’ and the origins of the movement.

TR Pattern Cutting Demonstration…

Yesterday started off like another day, arrive in university at normal time however, as I walked past the notice board to saw the name TR Pattern Cutting by Shingo Sato… I reconised the name then thought nothing of it, carried on with my day.

Came back after lunch and there was a gentleman, smiling away at the front of our class I presumed it was Mr Sato, I was correct. As he started his demonstration I suddenly remembered… Origami dress! I wrote a blog post last year about it and his techniques.

His lecture was amazing, totally inspiring! Blew my mind away… He demonstrated simple techiques but have an amazing impact.

Designer Pudsey…

{ image credits. Vogue.co.uk }

Last night all of the designer bear collection where auctioned off rasing a total of £150 000 for Children in Need. The high bear sold for was an impressive £24 000 it was Giles Deacon’s Swarovski crystal-encrusted bear, second was Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs at £20 000.

At Vogue.co.uk there are some pictures of how their Pudsey bear was made, great if you want a sneak peek at the behind the sceens!

{ image credits. Vogue.co.uk }